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Arkanoid - Eternal Battle

Release Date: November 8 2022

Item ID: 12335_US

Item UPC: 850024479609

Mild Fantasy Violence

System Requirements

A New Take on an Old Favorite!

Arkanoid is one of the most accessible, if not the most accessible, games in history. The concept remains simple, but players will face level after level of increasing and progressive difficulty.

Players will discover or be reintroduced to the emblematic block-breaker game in a fully modernized version. Classic elements from the franchise make a comeback with a brand-new look, new rules, and new effects, bonuses, and features that will take veteran players by surprise!

The main new feature and mode of this game is the Battle Royale mode, bringing the arcade experience to a whole new level. For the first time ever, players will be able to compete against each other, offering an online experience up to 25 players.

Key Features:

  • A brand-new artistic direction and new surprising features, items, and powers.
  • 4 Game Modes, including 2 single-player Modes (Neo & Retro), Local Versus and Battle Royale.
  • High replay value, thanks to the new Battle Royale mode, play online and face opponents from around the world.
  • Cross-play feature, which enabled players using different hardware to play with each other.
  • A dedicated online leaderboard in the 3 main modes (Solo Neo, Retro, and Battle Royale) that highlights the highest scores.