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Equestrian Training

Release Date: May 31 2022

Item ID: 11990_US

Item UPC: 850024479531


System Requirements

Elevate your equestrian knowledge!

Alone or with your friends, discover a new way to learn everything you need to know about equitation. Learn with training mode, test your knowledge in the exam mode, and enjoy different mini games to virtually practice theory. Horse-riding will soon have no secrets for you!

Key Features:

  • Multiplayer mode up to 4 players! – Challenge your friends on their riding knowledge and cooperate with them to complete the practical tests!

  • 2500 questions and answers written by professionals of the equestrian world.

  • Learn all the technical terms you need in the broad lexicon.

  • Entirely customizable training sessions: you can choose the theme (riding, knowledge or grooming), the number of questions, or decide if you want to introduce a timer.

  • Play more than 15 mini games divided in 3 categories: Endurance racing, show jumping, or horse grooming, which will allow you to assimilate the theory through practice while being fun.

  • Follow your progress with the statistical tables and identify where you need to improve.

Available on Nintendo Switch