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F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch - Day 1 Edition

Release Date: September 30 2022

Item ID: 12459_US

Item UPC: 850024479883


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Fantasy Violence
Mild Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol

System Requirements

Fight your way through a Diesel-Punk Metroidvania Adventure

After the animals of Torch City were defeated by the invading Robotic Legion in the Resistance War six years ago, former Resistance fighter Rayton the rabbit has kept a low profile. The arrest of a friend meant he had no choice but to put on his giant metal fist and fight against those oppressing him. Little did he know that he would soon be caught up in a maelstrom of conspiracies involving the Legion, the Resistance, and the Rat Gang.

Key Features:

  • Interconnected and automatically loading Metroidvania world-map with more than a dozen of areas with distinguishing vision themes and level designs.
  • In-depth storytelling focusing on the inevitable conflict between animals and machines.
  • Unique Dieselpunk aesthetic fusing with early 20th century Shanghai landscape.
  • Arcade-style combat with stunning combos and executions thanks to three multi-function weapons with totally distinct designs on appearance and advantages.
  • An exquisite upgrade system for the character and skill chain to perform magnificent combos.
  • Countless puzzles, challenges and collectibles hidden in the sophisticated world.

Day 1 Edition Includes:

  • Steelbook
  • Sticker sheet
  • Three Lithographs
  • Original Soundtrack (available as digital download)