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The House of the Dead - Limidead Edition (PlayStation 4)

Release Date: December 31 2022

Item ID: 12466_US

Item UPC: 850024479821

Blood and Gore
Partial Nudity

System Requirements

The hit zombie shooter is back!

The spirit of nineties arcade classics is renewed with the remake of this iconic shooter!

The House of the Dead: Remake - Limidead Edition resurrects the iconic nineties arcade game for PlayStation 4. 

After numerous scientific trials, Dr. Roy Curien, expert on the Human Genome Theory, succeeds in finding a way to resurrect the dead – at the cost of his sanity. Fearing the mad scientist, researcher Sophie Richards contacts her AMS friends Thomas Rogan and Agent G for help. Together they must make their way through a house of horrors, fending off throngs of zombies at each turn as they attempt to save laboratory staff and stop Dr. Curien from further madness. 

Key Features:

  • A complete remake of the arcade smash hit House of the Dead 
  • Updated visuals, sound, and mechanics
  • New cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes including Zombie Horde mode
  • An integrated achievement system for added replay value
  • Unlock a bestiary of creatures to help identify enemy weaknesses

 Limidead Edition Includes:

  • Exclusive lenticular box
  • 2 character stands
  • Sticker sheet