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The Quest for Excalibur: Puy Du Fou

Release Date: August 2 2022

Item ID: 12318_US

Item UPC: 850024479470

Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes

System Requirements

You are the King’s only hope to find Excalibur!

Everyone is familiar with legendary King Arthur and his bitter rival Lancelot. Consumed with envy, the latter challenges the king to a duel. Arthur’s faithful sword Excalibur splinters and breaks until only the cross-guard and handle remain. Arthur enters into a pact with Morgan the Fairy and throws what’s left of his sword in troubled waters. Then, Arthur is betrayed and ends up a prisoner in the afterlife Kingdom of Avalon. By order of his beloved king, the wizard Merlin sets out on a quest to find Arthur’s heir, gather Excalibur’s 15 fragments and bring Arthur back from the dead.

Key Features:

  • A game map modelled after the world-renowned French theme park, Puy du Fou.
  • Leave your mark on the Arthurian legends and embark on the adventure of a lifetime to set the king free and find all 15 Excalibur fragments.
  • Travel through time and face a horde of vicious enemies:
    • Resist the assault of the dreaded Viking warriors
    • Enter the Roman arena and fight for your life
    • Live the Knight Life and win brutal jousting tournaments
  • Visit a carbon copy of the Puy du Fou domain to find cues and see your mission through, or stroll around the map to complete history-themed secondary quests.
  • Create your own avatar and build a customized Puy du Fou experience as though you were there.
  • Over 15 challenges and a treasure trove of items to discover in a unique whirlwind through Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

Available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4