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The Unicorn Princess

Release Date: November 19 2019

Item ID: 481551

Item UPC: 814290015510


System Requirements

 A Magical Adventure Awaits! 

Enter the worlds of fantasy and reality in the family friendly game, The Unicorn Princess. In the Unicorn Princess, you will get to experience both your real life and your dream worlds in this open world game of horses and unicorns. Customize your character and your horses with multiple different outfits and accessories. Join your horse and unicorn in 15 different missions throughout the campaign! 

Key Features

  • Open World: Explore an open world environment on the back of one of six available horses!
  • Character Customization: customize both your horses and yourself with various outfit and accessories!
  • 2 Worlds to Explore: Experience both life in your town and ranch during the day and take part in the fantasy world of your dreams at night!

 Available on Nintendo Switch