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Dovetail Games

Train Sim World 3

Release Date: October 18 2022

Item ID: 791835

Item UPC: 814290018351


System Requirements

Master the machine with Train Sim World 3!

Conquer American mountains as you haul incredible tonnage with the workhorses of the industry, get the British capital’s commuters to work in record time, and race state-to-state aboard German high-speed traction. Play your own way with creative tools.

Key Features:

  • RAW POWER -Haul hundreds of containers through Cajon Pass with the ES44C4. Experience the thrill of 280 km/h in the ICE 1 between Kassel and Wurzburg. Drive Britain’s fastest train, the Class 395, between London, Ashford and Faversham. 
  • EXTREME WEATHER - New volumetric skies bring a transformed atmosphere to routes. Lightning dances among intense storms, the roar of thunder competing with the sound of machinery. Wind hammers the side of your train. Feel total immersion as you learn the art of defensive driving to stay in control. 
  • YOUR HOBBY -Experience multiple trains per route. Expand that further by customizing your own scenarios and liveries, then share on the Creators Club. Your collection also comes with you. All Train Sim World 2 content is available to play in Train Sim World 3 giving you more to explore.